Accredited Michigan Property services serving property management needs throughout Southeast Michigan. Michigan property maintenance, repairs, and general services. Accredited Property Management Brighton, Michigan.  

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Michigan Accredited Estate Sales located in Brighton Michigan is a division of Accredited Property Management.

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•Our Services:

•No Cost Consultation

•Arrange | Organize Interior

•Display All Sale Items

•Our Services:

•All Size Home Qualifies

•Condominium | Town Homes

•Clean and Prepare Sale Items

•Our Services:

•Advertise The Sale

•Price All Items For Sale

•Promote The Sale via The Web

Michigan Estate 
Sale Services

Professional licensed and insured Estate Sale Services with over 25 years experience.....

We provide Estate Sale Services that are specifically designed to meet the needs of home and condominium owners. Our Estate Sale services are flexible enough to accommodate all size homes in Southeast and mid Michigan.

Accredited Estate Sale Services


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Availability - Your estate sale is our priority. You can count on our staff of professionals.

Budget - Our pricing is one of the least expensive in the industry with the best in service.

Commitment - Clients tell us they appreciate our commitment and attention to detail.

Dependable - You can count on us. We work hard to maintain our  established reputation for great service.

Michigan Estate Sale Services

Serving Southeast

and Mid Michigan

Our Services:

•No Cost Consultation

•Arrange and Organize The Sale

•Display and Arrange For Sale

•All Size Homes and Condominiums

Our Services:

•Clean and Prepare Sales Items

•Major Credit Cards Accepted

•Price All Items For The Sale

•Promote the Sale

Our Services:

•Advertise The Sale

•Staff The Sale Appropriately

•Negotiate With Buyers

•Clean Up After The Sale

•Our Services:

•Staff The Sale Appropriately

•Negotiate With Buyers

•Clean Up Upon Completion

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Sale Scheduled

5/ 05 - 5/07/2016

  In Rochester Hills - 2108 Kennedy